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Playing With Seduction by Erika Wilde

Hey everyone,

Playing With Seduction is an erotica story from Erika Wilde.  I found this author years ago under the name of Janelle Dennison.  She decided to venture into erotica fiction and so uses the name of Erika Wilde for this genre.

This is the 3rd story in The Players’ Club Series. This book tells the story of Kendall and Jace.  Kendall is 8 years older than Jace and at different places in their lives.  After a devastating divorce, Kendall wants children now and Jace wants children, just not yet.  The Players’ Club is a member-only adult club where members are able to pursue all their adult fantasies.  Jace is determined to have a relationship with Kendall after he works past her reservations.  After receiving an invitation to the Club, Kendall and Jace hook up and begin their relationship and the story proceeds through a series of events that affect the relationship.

I have been a fan of Erika/Janelle’s for a number of years and I enjoyed the story.  It is a quick read, although somewhat predictable and is light on angst but sometimes light on angst makes for a fun and enjoyable read.  Besides, I liked both characters and I felt that the descriptions of Kendall’s concerns about pursuing the relationship with Jace were well-done. Of course, there is enough erotica in the story to keep it interesting!!  This book can be read as a stand-alone book, but I think you will enjoy the series.

Happy Reading,


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