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Snowflake Bay by Donna Kauffman

Hey everybody,

Snowflake Bay is a contemporary romance written by Donna Kauffman, one of my go-to authors.  This story is the second book of the Brides of Blueberry Cove series which is a follow-up series to the Bachelors of Blueberry Cove.

First of all, I am a sucker for books set in small-towns inhabited by wonderful everyday folks with hopefully a couple of quirky characters thrown in for fun!  Donna Kauffman is delivering that with this series set in Maine. The main characters are Fiona and Ben and they grew up together.  He was her brother’s best friend who had a crush on her sister.  Oh, nothing quite like unrequited love!  She is determined that he will not hurt her again and he, having never known he had hurt her, has finally noticed the grown-up Fiona and she is unsure what to do about it.  This book has plenty of emotion to go around but what I thought made it successful was that the angst between the characters did not come from some crazy misunderstanding that they have to work through.  What they have to come to terms with involve their future endeavors and the impact on them due to illnesses in immediate family and the obligations arising out of those.  That is refreshing in a contemporary romance story.  I think the author does a pretty good job of describing each of the character’s emotions with this. A solid story from Ms. Kauffman.

Happy Reading,


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