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Bookish Thoughts: Bully Authors

Hey guys you know how we’ve all been talking about bad reviews…well a fellow blogger posted this as I was floored. I think it’s crazy unprofessional (she’s a librarian by the way, so she literally helps people get books daily, the blogger that is) and I think that she is much nicer than I would be but what do you think? Let me know!

23 thoughts on “Bookish Thoughts: Bully Authors”

  1. What the reviewer said is totally understandable, especially when it comes to Amazon’s policy on reviewing books Kar. As for the author bullying her, she should no better than to do that! If she takes it as a personal afront when her books receive anything less than five star reviews she is a fool! After all we all get them;)

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  2. Unfortunately that’s not the first time I’ve heard stuff like that happening. I have friends who are authors and a few of them don’t even read reviews. There attitude is the stats will tell the story.

    To be honest it’s kind of scary from a reviewers point of view.

    Thanks for sharing 🙂

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  3. This is creepy Kar. Seriously, how many books have we reviewed? I really think this is sad. As anyone who develops something the general public will see, you aren’t going to make everyone happy, so why attack the ones who voice their opinion that they didn’t like it?

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      1. An email would have been okay, still I wouldn’t be happy about it but I could at least understand an email, but a phone call?!? No.


  4. When I first starting working with One Book Two, It was stressed that we always use our aliases and never tell an author where we are located. I was at a talk an author gave and she told us a story about people showing up at her door to tell her what they thought of her book. After that she always used an alias. I am going to go through and check everything to make sure no information is available in any of my accounts. That is so scary. Thank you for sharing.

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  5. I wrote this on the original blog post, too:

    I wasn’t contacted negatively over a review, but I had a local author ask me to read and review their books. I really didn’t like their most recent ones, so I asked if they wanted me to write a negative review or not to write anything. They said it was ok to write a negative one, but then asked me what I didn’t like about it. From there I ended up in an argument over email with the author after giving my honest criticism (which they had asked me for). I tried to get out of the conversation but they kept pursuing it; luckily I have not received any further emails after my second attempt to end the argument. I was super hurt about the whole incident – this was someone who approached me to review their books.

    So I can totally understand how the reviewer felt. :/

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    1. I’m sorry that happened Shauna! The sad thing is there are tons of amazing authors out there that do take criticism well, it’s a shame when one turns you off the reviewing process. Hope you’re still giving your opinion!

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      1. For the moment I’ve decided not to review books people approach me about reading. I’m currently just going to read the stuff I want to.

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  6. I just left a review on their post, but I’m still sitting here staring at my screen like “what did I just read?” It’s crazy that someone (especially an author with hundreds of reviews) would get so bent out of shape over a single negative opinion! Why not just go reread the positive remarks you’ve garnered if it really bothers you that much? In any case, I think the reviewer acted 100x’s more professionally than the author in handling it, and hope this doesn’t turn them off of reviewing altogether, though I’d totally understand if it did. =\

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  7. That’s the beauty of all this connectivity, you get to meet a lot more bullies. (I do wonder if the population is up, though.)

    Best to ignore them completely and not take any of their actions seriously. Of course, there are always cowardly bosses who can cause you problems, but a normal person would laugh at this kind of behavior.
    “Poor baby, got a bad review.” I mean grow up, seriously.

    Once you pay the danegeld, you never get rid of the Dane. Give them nothing.

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