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Who is going to see 50 Shades darker?


So who is going to see the movie 50 Shades Darker? I am just wondering. I am going to see it.

I was rereading the book “Grey”yesterday and I was thinking about doing a piece on all the books and the movies so far.

I am just going to say this, I am not recapping the books in the piece, people know what happened.

I actually like the 50 shades of Grey books. Funny thing is that I like them, but I absolutely dislike Anastasia. Which is terrible since she is the main character and it is written from her perspective. She annoys me to no end. She is whinny, and tries to stand her ground at the wrong times, and because of it shit happens and she wonders why he is angry.

I think Christian is messed up too, however I think he is more of an adult than Ana. I also just like him more. He does need to let go, but damn he is trying to have a dominate/submissive relationship here. Bad idea on his part to ask Ana the cry baby to do that.

The movie: The movie was bad! I was so disappointed. The soundtrack was really good. They cut too much and Christian looked like nothing more than a rich stalker/abusive control freak. The Actors are all wrong for this movie. Jamie Dornan may be hot, but he looks like he is struggling to play his role. He looks like he is in pain most of the time or like he is going to throw up. Dakota Johnson is even worse. Am I the only one who was trying to figure out why she was moaning all the time in the sex scenes before he ever really touches her? It was so annoying and they made her seem stronger than she was in the book, but also made her seem less smart. These people look nothing like the book describes them at all. They butchered this book and I think that is why E.L. James has taken over for the second and third movies. Hopefully these will be better!

I know what your thinking. If I disliked the movie and the main character so much, why am I going to see the second movie? Well, I am seeing it to give them a second chance, and because I freaking love Christian Grey and I am hoping they will do a better job of portraying him this time.


I love the book “Grey” from Christian’s perspective. It was a breath of fresh air to get out of Ana’s inner monologue. His thoughts are crazy sometimes, but others make me laugh. Like when he is like “I still want this, why I don’t know. She is so difficult.” I was like I keep asking myself the same thing, Christian.

Before anyone comments, It is so poorly written, I don’t know how anyone could read it. Well, I have read way worse, and I have read way better. I tend to like the story line and whether or not I can let myself run away with it. If I can picture the characters, or relate to them and see them as possibly being real, then I will read it anyway. I am faithful to one author, whose books always have errors. I love her stories and she is great at telling them.

So I think this turned into a rant! Oh well!



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The Duff by Kody Keplinger, do you think she sold out with the movie?

First, sorry for my late post. Yesterday wasn’t a good day.

So let’s get started. This is one of my all time favorite books, I have read it more times than I can count. As it turns out I absolutely love Kody Keplinger. I read all of her books, except the young tween book she wrote.

Anyway, for those who haven’t read the book, Bianca is a senior in high school, and lives at home with her dad. She is smart, bitchy, and always negative. I do not like her. Enter my favorite character, Wesley, he is rich, smart, a man whore,and a loner. His parents are never home so he does what he wants. These two meet at a teen club, where Wesley wants Bianca to talk to him, so he can hook up with one of her two hot best friends. She tells him to go away, but he asks her to cooperate and not to be upset about being the “DUFF” (Designated Ugly Fat Friend) in her friendship. She throws drink, and boom she hates him. Oh! Did I mention Wesley is a jerk.

So life goes on she and Wesley  get paired on a class project and things get better and better from there.

Ok, the movie is a far cry from this book. Don’t get me wrong if I separate this book from the movie it is enjoyable. However, knowing that it was tied to this  book killed my dreams of seeing it played out on the big screen. The characters in the movie are nothing like the book characters. They only similarities between the two are the names of some of the characters. My opinion is that Kody didn’t fight for enough say in this movie. Her book is 4 to 5 star material, the movie 3 star at tops, and only if you don’t know it is tied to the book.

So if you have only seen the movie and not read the book, please do yourself a favor and read it! You will see what I am going on about.

So here is the question. Did Kody sell out? What other authors do you think sold out for a movie deal?

Peace out