Close Contact by Lori Foster

Hey everybody,

Good to be back with you and I hope everyone has a terrific holiday season!

Ms. Foster has written another winner. I enjoy all her books but I am especially fond of the romantic suspense she has been writing in her last few series. Miles Dartman, the Legend in his MMA days, and Maxi, a great character, had a short-lived tryst a while back. Then Maxi disappears. Miles is not real happy about that, but such is life.

Maxi has had a lot of stuff happen lately. Most notably, she lost her grandma and inherited her grandma’s property and all the feral cats that went with it. Her siblings assumed she would sell it and they would get their part. Nope. She decides to keep it. However, someone is not happy about this decision. Maxi wakes up in Chapter 1 lying in the gravel and without any memories on how she got there. Interesting things are happening. She arrives at the Body Armor agency Miles works at asking for help. Sparks start flying.

The relationship between Miles and Maxi is great. Maxi really is a great character–a little quirky at times but I think she is fun even with her problems currently. Miles is determined to protect her and figure out who is trying to run her off her property. There are plenty of suspects to keep it interesting and I also really enjoyed seeing the other bodyguards from the agency (and the series) show up help. This is a story well-worth reading as are all of Ms. Foster’s books. There is a reason she is my favorite author. I can not wait for the next book featuring Brand and Sahara. There are questions to be answered in that book!!

Happy reading,


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