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Tough Love by Lori Foster

Hi everyone,

Tough Love is the third installment of her Ultimate Series.  This series follows the lives of several fighters in the SBC, a fictional ultimate fighting company. This installment tells the story of Stack and Vanity.  I have enjoyed both characters since meeting them in prior books, No Limits and Holding Strong. Stack has wanted Vanity since meeting her and the same goes for Vanity.  Stack is a bit relationship-phobic and lacks any tolerance for deceit.  Without knowledge of this and the why behind it, Vanity decides the best way to get to Stack is by using a “smoke and mirrors” plan.  Through a series of unforeseen incidents, it takes a little bit for them to hookup, but when they do, they steam the pages.  The real story lies within how both of them come to realize they truly love one another.  Vanity completely captures Stack with her response to what he considers his crazy family including his sister’s beloved dogs.  Stack wins Vanity by showing her his love for his mother, his sister, his friends and the community. Vanity is alone in the world except for her best friend, Yvette (the heroine in the first book, No Limits) and the other fighters in Stacks’s circle whom she has developed real friendships with.  I loved it when the fighters stood on Vanity’s side when Stack discovered her small deception.  There is also a little suspense added in with someone hiring people to hurt Stack and Vanity steps into the situation in her own way to help which leads to the finale.

Although I don’t consider this to be the strongest book in this series (that still goes to No Limits, the first book in this series), this is a nice addition.  I ended up liking both Stack and Vanity.  This book also sets up the next story nicely.  I think everyone is really looking forward to Armie and Rissy’s story and we got a little peek of them here.  All in all, a solid entry in the Ultimate Series.  It is not necessary to read the books in order, however, I do suggest it so you can see the introduction of all the characters and the lead up to their stories throughout the series.

I received an ARC of Tough Love in exchange for an honest review.

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