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Wishing for You by Elizabeth Langston

Hey peeps!

So this is the sequel to “I Wish”. Don’t kill me, I know I said I would be done with this one a lot sooner. I had some issues with putting it down and really struggled with myself to pick it back up. But alas I am done.

Please understand, this is a well written and a great book. Me having to put it down was in no way the books fault. There were some things going on in this book that hit close to home. To me some parts seemed repetitive to the first one and it wasn’t turning out like I hoped it would. Not that it wasn’t turning out as it should, but not what I wanted to happen. (We all know it is all about what I want, right?)

So in this book the kick ass genie Grant is now with Kimberly to help her with her issues. As usual he does a great job helping her become independent and self sufficient. She has so many different traumatic things happening in her life and she is a force that rises above each time. I like her more than I did Lacey. I am extremely happy with the ending. I wish Lacey would have had a different outcome, but I understand why it is how it is. All in all I would give this book 4 stars.

Rating explanation: the things I felt were repetative and also because sometimes it felt like it was dragging to me. But this is a pretty long book to span the 30 days they spend with the genie and an epilogue of sorts. But it was well written and the characters were well defined.

So check it out, but read the first book first.



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