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Sorry Guys!

I am so sorry I haven’t posted in a while. I have been super busy with work! So a little run down on what I have been up to:

I have been building a new reservation system for work, along with my regular demanding duties as well as training two new people, conference calls, meetings, crazy girl drama. Isn’t it funny an office full of girls always seems to have weird drama.

So after months of this I am finally done with the system, and basically finished training the newest girl, although in light of today, we do have some things to discuss.

But do not worry I have been reading when I can, because I mean I had previous deadline commitments to meet. I have so many books to go over with you guys. The great ones, the good ones and the bad ones. Ones I feel duped into reading and ones I know I am totally to blame. Some I wish I would have found sooner.

So I promise to have a blog for you guys tomorrow, and Tuesday I think I will blog and I have a Meredith Wild giveaway offer for you guys.

Until Tomorrow!



Books, Out of the Box Blogs, Reviews

Ebooks Part II

This is Part II of “My Love/Hate of Ebooks” blog.  I enjoyed the other discussion and I hope to get your thoughts on this part of the “rant” as well.

I love my ebooks.  I like being able to take my reader with me and have a lot of books available.  I am sometimes a mood reader or I want to re-read a favorite book so the reader solves that problem for me.

My problem with ebooks besides the ones outlined in Part I of this article is the pricing of them.  Why are ebooks priced similarly to printed books?  I have even seen on the site I buy ebooks from that some books I have been interested in are a  few pennies higher than the printed book.  This is illogical to me.  I have had someone explain the mechanics of ebooks to me (this person is in the know on this subject).  I also have my own common sense to base this on.  If all that is needed is the master copy of the book, and there are not the customary costs of a printed book (paper, ink, shipping, etc.), then why are they the same or more than a printed book?  I certainly want the author to make what they deserve for the enjoyment they give to us with their stories.  I also want the companies selling the books to make the profits due them.  They keep people employed and this is critical.  It just seems that ebook pricing is out of line with production.

My other problem with ebooks is that for many of them, especially new books or books by well-known authors, they cannot be loaned.  My mother and I would loan books to each other of authors we enjoyed in common.  One of us would buy the book and the other read it also.  I also do this with my aunt and a friend who is reading the same series that I am.  Now, everybody does this.  It is also a way of introducing friends/family to new authors that they have not yet read.  You simply cannot do this with a lot of ebooks.  My question is why not?  What is the difference in doing this and checking out a book at a public library (which I support whole-heartedly).  I will often go to our public library and check out books and place a hold on new releases especially.  I have also oftentimes gotten an ebook downloaded from our public library.  Why is this different from me wanting to share an ebook with a friend.  I realize it is so the publisher can get more sales, but again loaning a book can often open up more sales in the long run if we convert a reader to a new author.

Again, I love ebooks and I realize the industry is forming and some of this may be “growing pains” with a new industry—I just feel the ebook industry has some work to do to improve itself.  These are just a few ramblings about problems I see.

Happy Reading,


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Siblinghood of the World Award

This is our first nomination so a very special THANK YOU to Bibliomad for nominating us!

I know I’m just one of the three bloggers on our page but it’s my day to post so you get stuck with me. Here are the 10 questions Bibliomad asked:

  • What is your most treasured memory?

For me it’s sitting on my mothers bed, with my mom and sister, reading a book while they talk about anything. I’ve learned when dealing with my mothers cancer to appreciate the small moments. You never know if that’s all you get.

  • Press shuffle. What is the first song that comes up? What does it mean to you?

That’s awesome, The Monster by Eminen came up, which is funny since 90% of my music is hard rock. Everyone has weaknesses people!

  • What book did you have to read for school, yet you hated it? (If any.)

The Canterbury Tales, I’m sure it was hilarious in its time, but not my cup of tea honestly.

  • If you could only listen to one song for the rest of eternity, which would it be?

You Shook Me All Night Long by AC/DC. Loved it from the minute I heard it and it still never gets old.

  • What is the weather like whilst you’re writing this?

It’s about 85 degrees out and the sun is shining. No tradewinds though so everything is a little voggie from the Big Islands volcano.

  • If any one book character were to become a real person, which would you choose to do so?

This is a great question! Ben from Patricia Briggs Mercy Thompson series. Smart, snarky and has a dark past, sounds like bff material to me.

  • Which book character do you have the biggest crush on?

Vhishous from Black Dagger Brotherhood by JR Ward.

  • If you could recommend one book to the whole world, which would you choose?

20,000 Leagues Under the Sea by Jules Verne. It has always been one of my favorites and its a classic so it can appeal to a broad audience.

  • What is your favourite holiday?

No favorites for me!

  • What is your dream holiday/vacation?

I have a list! I would love to visit South Africa, in fact all of Africa has been on my list for awhile. If it has to be somewhere I’ve been I loved New Zealand, I would love to go back there someday.

The official rules of this award are:

  1. Thank the blogger who nominated you and link to their blog in your post.
  2. Answer the questions that the blogger who nominated you has provided.
  3. Nominate ten other bloggers (or up to 10).
  4. Create ten questions for your nominees and notify them of their nominations.

Our nominations are:
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Okay, that’s technically eleven but I know many of you are very busy writing books, or working or both so I figured I’d throw it out there and see who wants to try it. I also randomly picked a few names (though I’m eagar to hear your answers) so if you weren’t nominated and want to answer my questions,go for it!

My Ten Questions

  1. Who is your favorite author that’s alive? How about favorite author that is dead?
  2. Are you primarily a reader or a writer?
  3. What books are on your preorder list right now?
  4. If you could go live in the world written in a book what book would you chose? Would you still be human?
  5. If you could co-author a book with anyone who would you pick?
  6. If you had to write a biography about anyone, who would you write it about?
  7. If you had the choice between given lots of money but never being able to pick up a book again or being poor but having an unlimited supple of any book you want which would you chose?
  8. If you could build your dream library, where would you put it?
  9. What’s your favorite genre? Why is it so much better than the rest?
  10. Who’s your favorite bad guy/villain in a book?

Thanks again Olivia!

Books, great reads, Reviews

Somebody Killed His Editor by Josh Lanyon

Hey everybody,

Somebody Killed His Editor is a murder mystery by Josh Lanyon.  This is the first book I have read by this author and I found this book by way of an online book club I am in.  It is this month’s selection.  The detective is Christopher Holmes, a mystery writer whose sales are declining.  His agent told him to attend a small writer’s conference where the main speaker will be his editor.  He absolutely does not want to go, but he concedes to her request.  His agent has also told him to drop a new story idea to his editor that he does not have in his head yet in order to keep writing. Upon arrival, he finds a murdered body at the Lodge and is a leading suspect.  The next day, he finds another dead body! The search is on for the killer and the reason why.  Christopher is assisted by J.X. Moriarity, a writer who is an ex-cop.

What I liked about this book:  First, I love a good murder mystery and this one kept me interested.  It is a good little “whodunit”.  What surprised me most was the humor in the story, largely due to Christopher. This character’s internal banter is refreshing, at times self-deprecating, but quite humorous.  I do not expect to laugh during a murder mystery, but I did in this book.  There is a subplot of a romance between Christopher and J.X., but the author develops it slowly.  I thought the writing was tight in this book and the pacing of the story felt right. I believe I will be reading more by this author.

I was not crazy about the titling of the book and I thought the cover art was a bit too “cheesy”, but just put all that stuff aside and enjoy the story which is the most important thing anyway.  Pick it up—I think you will like it.

Happy Reading,