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The Kissing Booth the movie and the book by: Beth Reekles

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Hey everyone! I just watched the movie The Kissing Booth on Netflix. I realized it was based on the book by Beth Reekles. I have a story about this book, so I thought I would share.

I used to read a lot of stories on WattPad. If you’re not familiar with WattPad, it is an app where people share their stories, and others can read them. They are normally unfinished stories that are updated every week or so. So every week you get a new chapter, and you give feed back on what you liked or didn’t like. I actually found a lot of great stories on there, and every so often I pop back in the app to see what is new.

I found the story ” The Kissing Booth” one day, I think it had maybe 2 chapters done at the time, and it grabbed my attention. So every time I would get a notification that it had been updated, I would drop what I was doing , or reading and read my new chapter. I was really into this book. I liked the characters and also story line.

Fast Forward and Beth makes an announcement that she has an offer and will be publishing her story. This is kind of a close knit group that have been growing with the characters and the story, so we are hella excited for her! I love supporting new and indie authors, so as soon as it came out I bought the paperback. Funniest thing: I never read the paperback! I was always afraid that they may have edited out some of my favorite parts.

All of a sudden Harper Sloan (another author) makes a post about watching the movie The Kissing Booth. I am like, WAIT!!! It’s a movie now? I got super excited and swore I would watch it. But lets be honest, I work in tourism and this is busy season, and I have a company to run. (For anyone who didn’t know Kar and I are both in tourism, and both run companies, hence why we fall off the grid sometimes)  Meanwhile, my daughter is watching a movie on her phone in the car, and I ask what she is watching. She replies, “The Kissing Booth, and it is really good”. So, tonight I cooked dinner and kicked everyone out of my family room, including the husband, (not a family room tonight! It’s my room) and I watched the movie.

I LOVED IT!! It stayed pretty true to what I remember from the book. I mean it was published in 2012, so I read the original draft before that, so I don’t remember every detail. I have added it to my list on Netflix, so I can watch it again and again. My daughter has watched it 3 times already, so look at me being cool, and now she is reading the book! I love it when I can get her to read books I have read and we can talk about them.

Has anyone read the book and seen the movie as well? What are your thoughts? Should I read the published book? I am still scared of that one.




8 thoughts on “The Kissing Booth the movie and the book by: Beth Reekles”

  1. How interesting to run into this book reference here – I am an indie author and was doing a signing at a bookstore when a young lady stopped to look at my book. She seemed very interested and I felt she wanted to buy it but she hesistated. Finally she said she only had enough money for one book and that she’d come to the bookstore to find “The Kissing Booth”! I’d never heard of it, but didn’t pressure her to buy mine (she was, after all, a fellow reader with a mission I can appreciate!), and I encouraged her to go find it; she promised if it wasn’t there, she’d come back for mine. She did find it and came back to show it to me with such enthusiasm; I was so happy for her! I lost a sale, but as usual, met a wonderful person and learned something about a new book. (p.s. she took my card so maybe she’ll drop by my website and order it later! Ever optimistic…;)

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    1. That is an awesome story! Kudos to you for being one of those guest authors who didn’t try to derail a reader to buy your book instead. That is someone who is a reader as well as an author!


      1. I would probably be a very poor writer, because I would just give it away too! Lol I must say writing is a talent that I do not have! So I probably would have to give it away, and some would probably return it!!!

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