The Gansett Island Series by Marie Force

Hey everybody,

I’m going to give a general review for the first three books of this series as I read them at the same time.

The first three books are titled:

  1.  Maid for Love
  2. Fool for Love
  3. Ready for Love

This is a contemporary romance series following the stories of the McCarthy family and their friends on the fictional Gansett Island.  I started this series because I read and greatly enjoyed her “Fatal” series.  The Gansett Island is a great little place to visit.  The characters are well-developed and the story well-written.  They are enjoyable to read and I intend to finish this series as well when I get caught up a little bit with other books I am obligated to already.  Did I enjoy them as much as the “Fatal” books–they are too different to answer that.  “Fatal” had elements that I thoroughly enjoyed with the murder mysteries and the political angles, and “Gansett” are straight contemporary romances, but this series is quite entertaining in its’ own right and deserving of a look if you enjoy stories with a good romance in it.

Happy reading,


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