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The Vampire’s Mail Order Bride by Kristen Painter


Hey everyone,

This is the first book I have read by this author and I plan to continue in the series because it is fun. I have had this series recommended to me for quite a while on the website I buy books at, but was always put off by the covers (and I never judge a book by its cover!!).

The Blurb:  Welcome to Nocturne Falls, the town where Halloween is celebrated 365 days a year. The tourists t hink it’s all a show: the vampires, the werewolves, the witches, the occasional gargoyle flying through the sky. But the supernaturals populating the town know better.

Living in Nocturne Falls means being yourself. Fangs, fur, and all.

After seeing her maybe-mobster boss murder a guy, Delaney James assumes a new identity and pretends to be a mail order bride. She finds her groom-to-be living in a town that celebrates Halloween every day. Weird. But not as weird as what she doesn’t know. Her groom-to-be is a 400-year-old vampire.

Hugh Ellingham has only agreed to the arranged set up to make his overbearing grandmother happy. In thirty days, whatever bridezilla shows up at his door will be escorted right back out. His past means love is no longer an option. Not if the woman’s going to have a future. Except he never counted on Delaney and falling in love for real.

Too bad both of them are keeping some mighty big secrets..

I give this a solid 3.75 stars. Don’t let the covers fool you–the characters are well-written and not cartoonish at all. I would classify this series as a romantic comedy for me. It is set in the town of Nocture Falls–a town that celebrates Halloween 365 days a year. Delaney has witnessed a murder by her boss of the restaurant she works in another state up north. In fear, she takes the identity of a woman who has agreed to an arranged marriage to a man in Nocturne Falls. She heads to Nocturne Falls not knowing that her intended is a vampire. As a matter of fact, the entire town is a town of supernatural characters (vampires, werewolves, witches, etc.). It is an enjoyable fun, quick read about an unusual little town of quirky, unusual characters.

Happy Reading,


3 thoughts on “The Vampire’s Mail Order Bride by Kristen Painter”

    1. I can certainly understand that. I haven’t read Ms. Carey’s work, but I would also not want to read a series like this very often. It is a nice light read between heavier books for me, though! Thanks for commenting and following the blog!


  1. Interesting… I’ve read one book by her, certainly more seriously toned but didn’t continue because the story didn’t wow me. This seems easy to read, I’ll think about it…


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