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Yours, Truly by Krista Lakes


3.0 stars.  I hate giving this rating but for me, I truly feel it is accurate. First, I actually enjoyed the story. This is a modern day re-telling of Cinderella and I love fairy tales. Part of loving fairy tales is the willingness to suspend belief. I willingly do this to enjoy a story. However, a few things are hard to suspend belief in. Let me explain. AJ and Kat meet and hookup at a wedding. AJ is Kat’s boss, even though they have never met. This is not unusual, however the company is a national shoe company so I have to ask how do you work for a national company and not know what the owner looks like even though you have never met. Kat has to leave the morning after before AJ wakes up. She leaves a note for him (which subsequently is partially destroyed and AJ can’t find Kat with the leftover note) and she also leaves behind a shoe (a Loubatin). (This is the proverbial glass slipper). Now, I am not a shoe person, but I do know Loubatins are well known, sought after, expensive shoes. How do you leave behind a Loubatin and how do you not find the second shoe when you find the first apparently because we only hear about one shoe AJ found? AJ and Kat meet 2 weeks later when Kat makes a work presentation to AJ. Of course, they hook up again. Now, in the middle of all of this, AJ is dealing with his partner’s sex scandal with employees. Obviously, AJ and Kat decide to keep their relationship quiet because AJ needs to get past this scandal and save his company. Kat finds out she is pregnant and decides she is going to tell AJ (albeit, later than she should have). Before she can tell him, she faints and AJ rushes her to the hospital. Once he finds out about the pregancy, the happily ever after happens!! What??!! Where is the resolution to the company scandal? I don’t know where it went. This is my big problem–it does not get resolved in this story. The scandal that has occupied AJ’s thoughts and decision making just disappears from the page. This disappointed me and is the reason for the rating.

The author’s writing style was fine and I liked the characters. My rating is almost exclusively because of the lack of resolution for the subplot (that I felt was interesting). I have heard good things about this author’s books and would consider trying another one in the future.

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