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Blue Moon by Angela Colsin

blue moon

Blue Moon is the first book in The Crucible Series by Angela Colsin.  This is the first time I have read this independent author.

The BlurbWhen betrayed by his Alpha, Cade Hodgins takes the role in leading the Arkin City pack and begins his search for those responsible for his father’s death. Information is hard to come by however—until a stray lupine wanders into his territory.

But Ashley Passmore is no ordinary stray. She’s a newborn wolf, turned from being a human with no prior knowledge that lupines existed. Due to her blackouts, she can’t recall who turned her or why, but Cade suspects her attackers may be the same as those who entrapped his father.

In the meantime, Cade takes Ashley in to help her regain control of her new life, and finds more than just a lead—she’s his mate. But Ashley is adjusting to the new world she’s been thrust into, making it uncertain she’ll accept the growing bond between them, while those who turned her want to make sure she’s silenced for good.

My thoughts:  A few chapters into this book, I thought that this would be simply a quick, easy, light read.  I enjoy those books every so often as a change of pace from some of what I read.  However, I was glad to see this book has more to it than that.  It was a quick read, but enjoyable.  Cade has some issues to work through dealing with the death of his father. Ashley has many issues dealing with being a new lupine when she didn’t even know they existed.  Humans are notoriously unaware of what happens around us!!  Both are also going to have to come to terms with the whole mate issue.  I did like that the author made this part of the story go slow for them from the standpoint of the actual hookup.  They both dealt with the emotions internally first.  I think it improved the story that way. They had enough going on as it was especially figuring out the mystery of Ashley’s turning and the death of Cade’s father.  I really enjoyed the introduction of two interesting characters that are also supernatural beings towards the end and the twist involving them.  I am moving on to Book 2.

I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.


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    Oh my! A super huge thank you to Debra from for this absolutely wonderful review of Blue Moon! I’m blushing all over (I seriously never knew how to handle any type of compliment without getting all shy lol!).

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      1. Oh my god I know! I was reading a book last weekend, and spent ALL DAY getting through it so I wouldn’t have to worry about waiting until work was done on Monday to get back to it. I just don’t do well with suspense! LoL

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