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Christian by D.B. Reynolds

Hey everyone,

Christian by D.B. Reynolds is the latest in her Vampires in America Series.  I love this series more as it goes along.  The Vampire Wars are starting.  Raphael (undeniably, the head honcho in America) has been building the North American Alliance throughout the beginning books in this series in order to defeat the coming threat from Europe.  The next area in North America to need a new lord is the South.  Christian is determined to become the South’s new Lord.  Along the way, he does find his mate in the person of Natalie, a human forensic accountant working for the current Lord, Anthony.  The Challenge for the lordship is on and Christian is more powerful than the other challengers.  However, Anthony has a plan for a successor which will enable him to remain in power in another area.  Twists and turns and strategy are strong on both sides (Anthony and Christian).  The skirmishes leading up to the ultimate battle are interesting, full of action and the ultimate battle is exciting and written very well.  We also get a big hint as to the next book battle at the end of this book.I personally can not wait for this next story, also.

Ms. Reynolds is great at world building and character development–two of my big things in reading.  Her dialogue is smartly written and the plot is tight.  She does not write filler in her books–she keeps her story moving along without alot of extra stuff that doesn’t add to the story.  When I found her VIA series several years ago, I was very pleased at a refreshing voice in the paranormal romance genre.  If you have not found this series, I recommend starting at the beginning with Raphael and just enjoy the ride all the way to Christian’s book.

Happy Reading,



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