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Dragon Bound by Thea Harrison

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Dragon Bound is book #1 of The Elder Races Series.  This world is inhabited by Wyrkind,  Shifters, Elven, Goblins, Witches.  The main male lead, Dragos, is one of the most powerful, ancient of the Wyrkind.  The main female lead, Pia Giovanni, is a half-human, half-wrykind, although she is not aware of what she can shift into.  She had been well-protected by her mother who did not want to encourage her magical side.  Pia was forced to steal from Dragos who did not take  kindly to being stolen from.  He was determined to find Pia and discover how she managed to locate his hoard of possessions.  Battles ensue from there.

I liked this book with a couple of observations.  I think the author has created a very interesting world and did a good amount of world building in this first book. I also for the most part, enjoyed the interactions between Dragos and Pia, especially when he was warning her about what would happen in one of the battles.  He was preparing her because the two of them were going to have a difficult time.  I really liked that he did that and how he did it. However, I felt that the character of Dragos needed to be more developed.  I have been told by others who have read this series that Dragos is more defined as the series goes on.  Secondly, I thought that Pia was a very strong character who called Dragos out on his crap, which I really enjoyed.  However, I did feel she became whiny a couple of times.  In her defense though, she had had a horrible week and anyone would become whiny at her circumstances.  I do plan to continue on with this series in the future.  I think it is worth your time.

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8 thoughts on “Dragon Bound by Thea Harrison”

  1. I really liked this series. I got as far as the story #6 Kinked. It just wasn’t holding my attention. I think I’ll go on to the next one, but 1-5 and the little shorts in between are awesome!

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