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Bad Language and Me

Ok so, I want to know from you guys, do I really need WARNING messages when I post bad language?

I mean I will be doing a review and have to go back and change words, because sometimes I slip and write whatever comes into my head. 


A) Should I not use bad language at all? Would this offend you?

B) Do I really need a warning sign above the post? 

C) Do you even care if I sometimes have a potty mouth? 

Just curious how I should go about this. I mean we started this blog to have an outlet for how we really feel about books, but do I need to censor it. 

The curiosity is going to kill me!!!!!



49 thoughts on “Bad Language and Me”

  1. I mean, as long as 1.) You’re not reviewing kids books, and 2.) Your posts don’t start reading like “$%#$%# this book because it @#$# sucks and I @#$5 %^#$ !@#! won’t…” I think you’re fine. If someone’s offended over a curseword, they can go elsewhere.

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  2. It’s your blog, say what you want. Everyone is offended by something. Don’t be in fear of that. Say what you feel and be yourself, dammit.

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  3. I’m never offended by that, but only if it’s your true self and not trying to be something else. I go through the same thing with my books. I feel if it fits the character, then do it, but if there’s some other way to convey the same thing, I try that as well. You can tell some of the works out there that are doing it to fit in or for shock value and not for true authenticity Hope that helps!

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  4. I would agree with all these people…the problem is that it’s really easy for young kids to search for book review threads, stumble upon on your blog, and then accidentally read something that may not be appropriate for them. I’d say if you’re reviewing any YA or younger, you should post a warning (simply because YA caters usually to 14 year-olds and up, but sometimes younger). If you’re reviewing adult literature, then do what you want.

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  5. I think general content warnings for blogs overall (such as designating them as being adult, 18+, etc.) are good enough, and that sticking a “I’m being a pottymouth here” warning over every post/review might get monotonous for both you and the readers lol! Particularly when it comes to reviews of stories with the same type of adult content in them. In any case, it’s not too difficult to maintain an air of professionalism while dropping bombs! XD

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    1. I agree. And I don’t plan on dropping f bombs every post. But some words just come out and I don’t want to feel censored on my own blog. Thanks for the reply. A lot of what we review is adult books with such words and sometimes I want to put in quotes and now I will.

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      1. Right, it’s better to be true to yourself, and also have the space to actually *be* yourself without worrying over judgment for it. I’ve also always believed you’ll keep more people around by writing what you mean to write instead of “trying things another way” only to learn it’s “just not you”, then lose followers when you want to do your own thing (if that makes any sense lol).

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  6. Honestly, you made this blog , as an outlet, and to be truthful, and honest as you write . You should write how you normally would, and not have to feel “politically correct” for anyone. I would rather read the bloggers REAL emotions, if they are raging over a certain book, and there “pissed” then to cover up those emotions so it doesn’t offend anyone. But it also depends on what books you are reviewing. If it’s a young adult book or a general fiction that caters more for young people you don’t want to say the book “kicked ass” lol ..if you are reviewing an adult book contemporary romance etc then go with your true feelings, because honestly a kid don’t read book reviews they have better things to do 😛 you don’t need to warn first about swearing that would be a personal decision on your part 😃

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      1. You’re welcome I hope that helped! Just remember, it’s better to have a few true faithful followers then a bunch of judgmental ones 😃 by the looks of it your other followers agree 💕

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  7. You said yourself that this blog is supposed to be an outlet for how you feel. If you feel you can’t express your like or hate for a book without slipping, then swear away. If you still feel guilty, though, you can put stars (like f*** that b****) or something. Whoever it is that doesn’t care for your swearing can just sod off.

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    1. Thank you. That is a good idea!!!! Yeah we started it so we could write true honest reviews and we have so far. But I slip sometimes and I am just waiting for the book that I really don’t like to come up. Lol

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  8. If you write something and it feels like that’s what you wanted to say, then just leave it, but if you read it over and don’t really think that it expresses what you want to say, then change it. Edit curse words using the same standards as you do for the rest of the post.

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  9. No way, you don’t need to warn anyone. Unless of course, you’re reviewing a super duper terrible book that wasn’t written by moi, preferably, and you decide to come up with something like “Fraggin fuckidy sons of all the motherfu***ing effing di**holes. in the universe”

    I mean, think of the children.

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