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Are You a Series Sucker?

I noticed today that a book that I absolutely despised released a second book in the series and found myself going to my library to order it so I could read the next book. Why? Cause I think I’m a series sucker. What’s that? It’s someone who continues to read a series to see what happens even if you didn’t like the story or the writing style. Once you’ve got me I feel compelled to at least read 2-3 books (the only exception to this was 50 Shade, I just couldn’t do it) regardless of how much I liked or disliked the actual book. It’s not as if I don’t have enough to read, I have a waiting list of 10 books right now that I have to finish by the end of the month, or a true interest in the characters, in fact most of the time I end up frustrated and angry. So why do I do it? Yeah….I got nothing, but that book, I’m gonna read it. And I’ll drag Les down with me πŸ™‚

So what about you, can you stop a series if you don’t like the way it’s going, or are you like me forced into finishing reading just a little more?

40 thoughts on “Are You a Series Sucker?”

  1. I was kind of doing this with the Throne of Glass series, but each book has gotten so much better so I guess I’m happy I did! I don’t generally do this, though. Another book I kind of hated for most of my reading experience but would probably read the sequel to if it fell into my lap is the second book in the Gemma Boyle series.

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      1. It’s also good if you want to have your criticism legitimized. I think the number one criticism that I hear from fans of the 50 Shades books is the people who criticize them haven’t read them, and I completely agree. That’s why I’ve kept my mouth shut on the books and have waited patiently for them to just go away πŸ˜€

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  2. This was me with the Divergent and Twilight series! Especially Divergent, I stopped caring by the middle of the 2nd book, but I just had to know…I HAD to finish. It’s like, you just hope the author is going to surprise you and make you change your mind. #booknerdproblems

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  3. I have a harder time convincing myself to keep going with a series. I’ve been disappointed so many times by the second or third book that now I read the first one, am content with its awesomeness and dont even bother going for the second book because I don’t want to ruin anything in my mind about the first book!

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      1. LOL! and I wish I could convince myself to pick up the second book in a series a bit easier.

        So, side note, and unrelated, but one book lover to another: I just finished reading what is seriously the BEST YA horror novel I have read in AGES. OMG, it was good!

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  4. I must be a series sucker, also. At least I was with the 50 Shades series. I did not have any problem with the plot at all and I found the character of Christian interesting, but the writing was so juvenile and the editing so bad, that I disliked reading book 1. However, I had to keep going with the series and I just couldn’t understand why. You have explained this to me. Thanks. Great blog!

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    1. Debra you should read the one from his perspective then. It is way better that listening to Ana’s monologue all the time. He made me laugh.


  5. Hi. My name is Mike, and I am a series sucker. It’s been 2 months since I read a book I really didn’t want to, and I know I’ll do it again.

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  6. I give every book a fair try, but if it hasn’t pulled me in within a few chapters, I move on. There was one series I tried more than once, but couldn’t get into it. One time I did push my way through a long series, only to quit around book 10. Never again. One series I have kept with (through its 26 volumes) are the Shannara books by Terry Brooks.

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  7. I’ve religiously followed several series until the end but nowadays, if the first book doesn’t impress me only two things make me keep going: someone I trust convinces me or if I already have the following books.
    I’m learning to be more selective because I have a huge TBR and it keeps growing, but I don’t have the time (unfortunately) nor the money (very sadly) to buy everything I want and would like to try. I’m still a fan of many series, more than 10 for sure, but since I read so many books out of series, I just can’t have them all. So first impressions=first book matters to me. These days I only buy the first of a series, if it’s good, I’m doomed. πŸ˜€

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  8. That’s perfect, stick with the ones I already love and don’t get new ones unless they’re amazing. Well a girl has to have goals right?


  9. That seems very strange. There are so many stories to read, if a book doesn’t grab me in the first chapter, up against the wall. Or less gratifying but easier these days, “remove from device.”

    I do like a good series but a less than good first book makes that series, not an issue. I did read the sword of shannara, many years ago, but none of the rest. It was well written but not to my taste.

    Anyway, no time to waste on something that doesn’t interest me, good or not. For what it’s worth. :o)

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