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Naked In Death by J.D. Robb

Hey everyone,

I know I am very late in starting this series, but better late than never!  This series is set in the not to distant future and stars Eve Dallas as a Lieutenant In New York and Roarke as a suspect in a murder mystery she is investigating.  I really enjoyed this story. The writing is tight and the plot has staying power.  I would expect nothing less from Ms. Robb, who I am sure everyone knows is Nora Roberts.  The plot moved right along and as someone who enjoys murder mysteries, I liked how the mystery unfolds. There is enough suspense in the plot to keep it interesting and enough suspects to give you something to figure out. (The bad person was in my top two suspects. Yay me!)  I also enjoyed how the relationship between Eve and Roarke plays out.  It was not rushed in my opinion (a personal pet peeve of mine).  Eve has to work through her emotions due to Roarke being a suspect.

If you haven’t started this series yet, give it a try.  I will be moving on to Book 2 very soon.

Happy Reading,


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