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Immortal Matchmaker #1 by Mimi Jean Pamfloff

I absolutely love this book! I am probably going to read it again and again. So this book has banished Gods, demigod warriors, vampires, and some kind of evil priests. And the banished Gods open a matchmaking service. I love the characters, especially Cimil who is bat shit crazy and the mother of pure evil. She says the funniest, craziest things, as does her brother the God of temptation. While this one is about one specific demigod warrior. I don’t want to give anything away, because you really need to read it for yourself, but I found it to be funny, witty, as well as a little mystery and love. I mean these Gods are like conceited whack jobs with too much power. Cimil likes to cause bad things to happen because she is the God of the Underworld. Such as almost destroying the world, but them saving it at the last-minute, because the Gods are supposed to protect the humans. She also does little thins just to amuse herself.  Her brother is also crazy and conceited, and is loathing his banishment. The demigod gets a trainer so he can learn manners and how to woo a lady. But the trainer is human and thinks he is an actor that never leaves his role as a barbarian. You just have to read it. I will say nothing else. lol.  I say go get this book RIGHT NOW!!!!



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