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“I Wish” by Elizabeth Langston

Ok so I may have given this 4 stars, but I totally had issues that are not the fault of the author. I enjoyed this book a lot. So This novel is about a teenage girl down on her luck that finds a genie. However, this is your typical genie. I really like that this story is mixed up a little like this. The main character is stubborn and also humble, doesn’t want help from anyone. The genie is snarky at first, and doesn’t see how he can possibly help this stubborn girl. Sometimes Lacey got on my nerves, but I could understand and relate to her. Her mother not so much. Lacey is doing everything she can, and does it all in secret. It all works out, then comes the ending which I understand yet didn’t like at all. I was disappointed that we didn’t find out about what she did with the stuff in the storage or what was in the box for Henry. I will be reading the second book.

Ok! so now about the part that should have knocked it down to 3 stars. I am very hard on a proofreader for stories. I believe it is their job to catch the mistakes that make people like me crazy .No, I don’t expect perfection. For instance, They are going to a dance and Kimberly says “Eli is driving us in his car”, then when they pick up Lacey, Kimberley’s mom is driving. No big deal right. But at the dance something happens and Eli and Kimberly leave, and when they leave Eli drives them off in his car. Stuff like this drives me crazy!!!!!!

Kar can tell you, too many mistakes in grammar, or things changing like names, or things such as this and I will put the book down and never finish it. Except Lauren Barnholdt, for her I hold a soft spot. I just wish she would get another proofreader or let me do it. LOL!

Ok I am done. I will be reading the second book for this series and I also have a long line after.

Peace out!


4 thoughts on ““I Wish” by Elizabeth Langston”

  1. It’s true, she hates bad proofreading.

    Les I have one thing to say to you, RT 2014, this time it will be your fault if authors get upset.


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