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The Others

Written In Red.indd

I find myself this week not really wanting to pick up anything new. When that happens I always fall back on one of my favorite Urban Fantasy series and The Others by Anne Bishop is my newest discovery. Anne already had a strong voice in the Fantasy world but I feel she takes it to a whole new level with The Others series. In this series you follow Meg, a blood prophet, as she navigates the world full of “others” shifters, vampires, and everything in between and humans. I think the development of the characters and the world is paced perfectly and enjoy the pull and push between the humans, who desperately think they are in charge and the terra indigene who are really in charge. Great read, even the fourth, fifth (umm or tenth???) time. Pick up Written in Red to start the series if you are a UF fan, you’re not going to be able to put it down. Book four Marked By Flesh will be out March 8,2016.

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