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Doctor Who

Sometimes when I’m reading and working constantly my brain hits a point where it just refuses to take in any more information. I’ve discovered that when I hit my “reading wall” is when I can have 10 fascinating books to chose from to read and I have no desire to read any. So I take a break for a day or two and don’t pick up a book. Well how do I blog about books when I’m not reading? I thought first I could write about something I’ve read in the past, but I’m just feeling bleh about that whole idea. And then it dawned on me, Doctor Who premiers tonight. I’m pretty stoked, yes yes I’m a Whovian as well as a trekkie, one with the force and a lover of anything the ends in the word comic. You did notice the word geek in my website address right? But since I am trying to keep it reader friendly I want to leave you one of my favorite quotes, not from the doctor believe it or not, but from Steven Moffat (a writer and producer of the revamp):

“I find it’s bizarre that science fiction is the one branch of television to push the idea of strong female characters. And I only call it bizarre because strong women aren’t fiction.”

Thanks for making strong female characters science fiction, in t.v. and in books (I’m including fantasy in this little rant) I appreciate it!