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Parallel by Anthony Vicino

I love when I find a new indie author. It is a wild wild world out there for these guys and as a reader I must confess I can count on my hand how many I loyally follow. And I loyally follow quite a few published authors. So most of the time I don’t even review them, unless I consider it a blockbuster. But this book, we need words. You see I really liked it, well 95% of it, and that is making me crazy! In fact there were parts I want to quote, like in Chapter 5 when we are in Hari’s POV and you read Consequently, years later, if anybody were to ask what Hari had been thinking the precise moment he fired the Key, and ripped a hole in the fabric of space and time, they would likely be surprised to find him making resolutions to spend more time in the gym. Are you thinking what I’m thinking!?! I know, Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy brilliance people! But I didn’t feel in any way the writer was trying to copy this story, just understood my twisted humor and fed into it. So why am I writing on my blog and my scifi chat rooms about what I didn’t like? A character did something that I think is fundamentally wrong for her. UGH!!! I. JUST. CAN’T. LET. IT GO. Get the novella, it’s $0.99 and read it! If you do and get that feeling as well, let’s talk about it. If you don’t maybe it’s just me…Somebody give me some feedback!