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Rant Alert: mistakes in books

Ok, anyone who knows me, knows one of my biggest pet peeves is grammar and spelling mistakes in a book.
That being said, I will overlook occasional mistakes, no one is perfect. However, I was recently reading a book series that I bought as a bundle, and it was riddled with mistakes.
It drove me crazy!!! I almost stopped reading it. I didn’t stop, because of 2 reasons.
1. This was a really good story. I really liked the idea.
2. I just have a feeling this is a small publishing company, and or an indie author.
I have a love for indie authors, who have amazing stories and just haven’t gotten that “big break” yet. I respect their efforts, their time, and their amazing abilities to write some of the best stories.
Please, before you attack me, know that I DO NOT blame the authors for these errors. Their job is to create magic, a world I can escape to, not to know how to spell every word or know every grammar rule. I blame proofreaders, editors, and beta readers.
If these mistakes were missed by the proofreader, then I am sorry you need a new profession in the case of this story. The editor should probably move on too, they should have seen the errors before it went to publishing. Also, what beta readers would read this book and not at least tell the author about the errors.
I just had to say something. I even tried to find the author on social media and other places, just to talk to her before I posted my review on Amazon, and to offer my services as a beta reader or proofreader.

I think she has an amazing gift and it is being short changed because of errors that should have been fixed.
I also want to know about the other people who reviewed the books. They were giving 5 stars and not one mentioned the errors. Some of these were ARC reviews. When I do an ARC review I will always let the author or publisher know of the errors if I can. If not, it will still be mentioned in my review. I think it’s a poor excuse for a reviewer, if they are not going to be honest.
I was nice and gave 3 stars. I feel like without the errors the story would have been a 4 or 4.5 star book.

Do excessive errors in books drive you crazy?

Peace! ✌🏻


Books, fantasy, funny, great reads, Out of the Box Blogs, paranormal romance, Reviews, Romance

The Curse of the Tenth Grave by: Darynda Jones


Ok I just finished this like 5 minutes ago. I couldn’t wait to share it!!!

It’s no secret, I obviously got the ARC for this book, since it won’t be out until June 28th.

If you are a fan of the Charley Davidson series, then preorder it and clear that day on your schedule, because you aren’t gonna want to miss a single moment.
I loved this book!!!!!! Darynda Jones has done it again!! I usually lose interest in a series around book 3 or 4. This is book 10 and I am no where ready for this series to end!!!!! I love the ending!

In this book Charley is kicking asses. She is coming into her powers and it shows. She is still funny and quirky, but she is more self aware this time around.

It’s like in the beginning of the series when Charley was comfortable with herself and knew what she was at that time. She was amazing. Then, in later books I feel like she lost herself because she didn’t know who or what she actually was, or what she is capable of. Now I feel like she is back to being comfortable. And boy is she enjoying her new tricks!!!!

Reyes is as hot as always!!! Sometimes I wish I was Aunt Lillian, so I could check Reyes out while he is using George.

Read this book right now!!! I couldn’t put it down. It won’t disappoint!!!


Books, fantasy, funny, great reads, paranormal romance, Reviews, Romance

Some Girls Bite: A Chicagoland Vampire Novel by: Chloe Neill

So I don’t even know how I came across this book! But, I did so here you go.

Grad student Merit has her life pretty much where she wants it. She’s a geek and working on her dissertation in English Literature. Then one night she is attack and everything changes….

Merit is attacked and almost killed, a vampire Ethan saves her life by turning her into a vampire. Plot twist, humans know the vampires exist. The vampires run by select houses have come out of hiding and are living among the mortals. There are also other supernaturals in the story just for shits and giggles. Kidding, they are important too.

Now she must decide if she wants to be an outcast vampire, or pledge allegiance to Ethan and his house. The vampires are run by houses and Ethan is the master of his, one of the oldest houses. She must come to terms with the fact she can never have the future she planned and decide whether to accept her new life or become a rogue vampire cast aside. Also, she will need to help figure out why humans are being murdered just as she almost was.

Ok now that I got that out of the way. I can tell you my thoughts. This is actually a good story. It has a good bit of whity humor. I like Merit most of the time. I think sometimes she is whiny, but I got over it. Most of this story is leading up to what Merit will decide and how her future will be formed. Of course, her and Ethan have the hots for each other. I wouldn’t have expected anything else. I must inform you that this is not a “oh my gosh he saved my life, I love him” story. Thank you for that!!!!

Merit is strong willed and spunky and sometimes gets herself into trouble, but she is not in need of someone to save her. That is refreshing.

I did however think that the human murders seemed really important in the beginning then got pushed to the background, so that made the ending feel rushed.

THIS IS A SERIES!!!!! I will be reading the second book.

So go check it out and see how it all plays out.


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If I Can’t Judge A Book By Its Cover…



So we have all heard the famous quote “Don’t judge a book by its cover” but seriously how else are you suppose to pick a new book? Now I know what you’re thinking: the blurb, a recommendation or even how many stars it has on goodreads..but let’s be honest here, what do you see first? What do we all add at the top of the post for that eye catching extra like? THE COVER! But unlike the awesome cover I’ve snatched to catch your attention (yes I know you might be thinking, that’s the movie poster. That’s how great the cover was, they used it as the movie poster as well. Score one for that cover artist) not all covers were created equal. So what is the biggest problems we run into with covers? Here are my cover grips. These are all very subjective so please take them that way:

  1. It doesn’t match. If you’re a book nerd like me then you’ve done it, you know bought that book at 2am that has the most amazing cover, and didn’t read the blurb. But that cover, ugh it’s everything you’ve dreamed about! You don’t even need a summary of the story, it is the summary people. And then you start reading..ummm wait what? Maybe I accidentally bought the wrong book??? It’s like a bait and switch, you have a story on the cover that you never see in the book. Some covers have gone so far for me as the have aliens, robots that are minor characters or even one showed a main character of a really cool Tim Burton fantasy kinda guy on it, the main character was a girl..I never found him in the book!
  2. The oversell. Now this is the cover that does have something to do with the story, it just ends up being way bigger than the book. You know the cover that makes you think, this book is going to be 5 stars, guaranteed..and it’s just not living up to its cover potential. There are some breathtaking covers out there, truly gorgeous, but I fear them the most because I want the books to be just as breathtaking. You never know until you read.
  3. The undersell. This one is the easiest and yet the worst at the same time. It’s the ones where the cover is just plain old bad, and yet the book is amazing. Think of all the books you’ve passed on that are gold, or that later someone has convinced you to read and then you loved it. Now here is the cringe moment, think of all the books you passed on that no one convinced you to read that might have been gold..I know I’m not sleeping tonight either. I’d love to say I never would be so shallow as to just make a decision based solely on looks but I’m going to fess up here, I have an author I have read for 8 years that I passed on the first time because of the cover. They are notorious for their bad covers now but back then they were newbies and it made a difference. Fortunately for me someone talked me into trying them (very fortunately for me, I absolutely love them) but I actually put their book down the first time. A lot of people say that covers don’t make as much of a difference now that most people have gone digital and download their books, but I say to them, how do you pick which books your going to read a blurb on? I still look at covers on Amazon or Goodreads. I just don’t buy that argument.

Okay let’s flip this coin. I hate bad covers, you guys got that point but I’m sure authors don’t like them either. So what makes covers so tricky? Well this is what I’ve learned over the years, but indies if there is something I’m missing, comment! Back to cover art, Why oh why is it so hard to match? Here’s what my forage and gathering skills have gleaned:

  1. If you are a published author you don’t get to decide. That’s right, if you get a publishing house, they ultimately pick the cover they think will make the most, and here is the shocking part…MONEY. I know, I know, sometimes you see those covers and think how is a half naked man going to sell more urban fantasy novels? Or, really another really hot goth looking chick/dude? That’s not what the main character even looks like. Well apparently here is the stitch, they don’t care. They are hoping you buy the book cause you’re a UF freak like me (I mean fan, yeah that was a typo) and they hope someone else buys it cause their is a chick on the cover with a flaming sword. As long as they sell books.
  2. For indie’s sometimes $$$ makes a difference. Okay so you have this vision, and it’s awesome, I mean you want what’s in your brain to become print on your cover. And it’s going to be epic. But let’s be honest here, you have to foot the bill for the book, and you don’t have big brother who, though they would basically be making your cover decisions for you, they would also be helping pay upfront fees. You just can’t afford the Lexus, so you have to buy the Kia, don’t get me wrong it’s great, just not exactly what you were picturing in your head.
  3. You get the picture. Sometimes you can get an amazing cover but the story just doesn’t connect. Hey this is why everything is so subjective, maybe it’s my problem. I recently read an authors blog that said, sometimes a bad review is just the reviewers problem. HEY! As a reviewer I didn’t love that but I’m glad the author posted it, because if I’m the only one complaining than it’s on me. Now if everyone is complaining…


My favorite cover is PB

the sad thing is that this is no longer the cover for this book but I have always loved it. What is your favorite cover? Let me know!