Love Triangles in YA Novels/Rant Post

Why do so many books have love triangles!?!

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I need to rant about something that I have noticed in quite a few YA novels that I have been reading, and this is the love triangle.

I personally don’t care for the love triangle as it is rarely done in a way that I find enjoyable. However, most YA books have some form of a love triangle, and the way it is usually done gets on my nerves.

Usually, it is Girl A falls in love with Boy A, then Boy A falls out of the picture for like two seconds, and Girl A falls in love with Boy B. Then Boy A returns, and Girl A must make a choice between her old lover or her new lover. This is when I start to get upset. In real life, it would probably take Girl A longer to get over her “love” for Boy A, and so Boy B…

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