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Confessions Of A Queen B* by: Crista McHugh

I’M BACK!!!!!!! Sorry for my absence. I have let work, illness, and life take me away from the reading and blogging I have grown to love. I have decided that one day a week I will blog, even if it has to be shorter than I would like. I need to take back my life and return to this passion that holds such a special place in my soul.

So without further ado…………..

Confessions of A Queen B* is a book I received at a book convention following meeting the author. She is a super funny and sweet lady.

Can I just say I love the title of this book. Notice the asterisk next to the B, at first I thought this is going to be the confessions of the most popular girl in school. WRONG! This is the confessions of the Queen Bitch of the school, please don’t confuse them, they are so far apart from each other. Everyone probably remembers the Queen Bee in their high school. I know I do. Do you remember the Queen Bitch? I have to admit that I do, because I was either her or her best friend. I never hold my tongue, so the good, the bad and the ugly always come out. But while me and Alexis the main character in this story may have a lot in common we are also different.

Alexis is super smart, pretty and mean as hell. She has a blog that everyone is scared to end up on. She posts blogs about random wrongdoings of teachers and students at her school. People avoid her, and are afraid of her. They think she is a heartless bitch. I have found that most people who are believed to be heartless (like myself) are the exact opposite, but they have closed them selves off due to specific things that have happened. For Alexis, it is the incident where her best friend reads her diary in front of the whole school in junior high, and so she decides she will never be a victim of the popular kids harassment or the butt of their jokes ever again. So she shows no fear and turns the tables on them, and they fear her for it. I know this feeling, I was picked on in school. I had decided enough was enough, no more holding my tongue, and I stood up for myself and I never looked back. I didn’t take anyone’s crap, so I was left alone to do my own thing.  Any way this is just me saying that I connected with Alexis, and I was kind of like her.

Enter Brett, too nice to be my favorite type of guy, but amazing nonetheless. he is Alexis’ partner in health class, for the parenting of the “baby”. He is the star quarterback, and the object of the Queen bee’s obsession. Alexis and Brett argue and get under each others skin like crazy, and the Queen Bee (Summer) is not happy about him spending time with Alexis. Brett however is enjoying spending time with her, and driving her crazy.


So now that my rant, and the characters are out of the way, lets move on. This story starts when Alexis gets paired with Brett, when names are drawn out of a hat for a health class project, where they have to be parents to the fake baby. Automatically, Alexis thinks that Brett is the typical jock, who will pawn all the work off on her and she will be stuck with the spawn of Satan the whole time. He surprises her by suggesting they trade off every 24 hours. Then, uh oh she realizes when a piece of paper falls out of his back pack that he didn’t pick her name out of the hat, he had really picked someone else’s name. Now she believes he has an ulterior motive to working on the project with her.

So they are driving each other crazy, Alexis knows nothing about babies, but Brett having younger twin sisters, he knows a lot and that aggravates her. Then lets get to the issues. There is someone filming the cheerleaders in the locker room. one of those cheerleaders is Alexis’ sister. She brings it to Alexis and so of course the Queen B finds the camera and leaves a message for the person filming it. She thinks its all done with when they take the videos down, but it’s not. You know me you will have to read it to find out the rest of what happens.

This is the part I don’t understand about Alexis, she is the Queen B, right? Well why is she trying to hide that she is hanging out with Brett after school? She is trying to hide from the rumor mills, but why? My guess is she cares what people think, and doesn’t want any of the headache that will come about being spotted with the “Golden Boy” of the school. I mean if your the Queen B, then you shouldn’t care what people think. I believe no one should care what people think. Also, its kind of sad that she has closed herself off so much that she only has two friends.

All in all this was a great story and a quick read. I will admit to you that there are a couple of editing errors, but none so major that I wanted to put the book down. I set out today to read this book just so I could blog tonight and i have accomplished my goal.

So go out read it! I will be moving on to the second book! Go easy on me guys, I am a little rusty here.

Yep it feel GREAT to be back!!!!!!!!!!

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