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Leave of Absence?

Hello everyone! I’m back and was going to write a review on a book I just read but I feel as if I need to explain my disappearance the last two months. This last summer I was fortunate to get to move back to Hawaii which is where my family raised me from a teenager and I have spent many years to help my parents retire. I thought it was going to be great, I mean the weather is awesome, I have fantastic friends here and a job I really like. Unfortunately I’ve gotten very sick and we recently discovered it’s a reaction to the vog (the nasty ash that comes out of volcanos) that has been drifting here from the Big Island. As a kid Maui never really had a big problem with this but with new vents opening on the volcano our air quality has gotten worse and worse. So I have had to decide to leave Hawaii and move back to the mainland. The combined being sick and trying to make moving plans is making me very neglectful and for that I do apologize. I should be off the islands by the end of the month but the doctors warn me that it may take time for my body to heal so I have to confess that my post may continue to be sporadic for another few months. Sick with me kids I hope to be back in fighting form soon!

Thanks for listening and hope you like the review to follow!

10 thoughts on “Leave of Absence?”

  1. I hope you do feel better soon. It is always hard when life throws a curve in the road that you had all planned out. We will all still be here when you get better so taking care of yourself is most important.

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