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Happy Pants Cafe by: Mimi Jean Pamfiloff

Well just look at the name. I have to admit I love Mimi Jean Pamfiloff books. I read one book and I was done for. I love the way she writes, and the story lines.

Ok, so two reporters are at a wedding of a famous movie star, where no press is allowed. They are both trying to get an exclusive with the bride and things turn into a disaster. Albeit, a hilarious one, but a disaster none the less.

After being kicked out of the wedding, Harper convinces her editor that she has a better story. She is going to find out the story behind the happy pants café, where all these celebrities are meeting their husbands.

She arrives in town and the line is down the street for the café. She then bumps into the Austin (the other reporter from the wedding). They argue and of course things get out of hand. There are arrests, community service, cookies, parties, crazy people, always crazy people, a farm and a sheriff that just wants them gone. People are getting fired and others getting offers, however nothing is as it seems at the Happy Pants Café.

They get into so much trouble together, it is amazing. As per my usual Harper gets on my nerves sometimes. I won’t tell you anymore. You need to read it for yourself. It is hilarious, crazy, and you won’t want to put it down. I think I read this story in one day.

I told you there were some books I wish I had found sooner, and this is one of them.

Give it a chance, you won’t be disappointed.



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