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The Shadow Prison: The Ninth Chosen  by: K.A. Parkinson

I am trying to figure out where to start. I really liked this book. But in the beginning I was on information overload, and still clueless. I’m learning all these new terms, words, people, creatures, and rules. But I don’t know why I’m learning this yet.

So the world is on the brink of war, but not between countries, but between the light and the dark (good and evil), there are chosen ones selected to protect humans and the light against the dark, and then the ninth one is chosen. The ninth is suppose to fulfill a prophecy. They are suppose to save the world from the dark. But, the ninth being chosen is a good and bad thing, he is superior so he can save the world, but him being chosen means the war is on the horizon. Macy & Tolen have a guardian named Bastian as well. He is there to protect, guide and teach them.  There is a lot of action in this book, as well as rudeness, love, betrayal, pain, and loss. There are all sorts of creatures in this story, you have different evil creatures that most people would consider demons, fairy types, watchers, along with people with different powers. The powers usually are something to do with the elements earth, wind, fire, and water. However, a select few have different powers. Macy does get on my nerves sometimes, because she is always pushing people away, and Tolen gets on my nerves too because he does dumb stuff and sometimes acts like a girl.

While they are learning to survive together, they also have to figure out their destiny and what part they are suppose to play in this war.

This book is written from different points of view. (Side note: I feel like I have been hitting the jackpot lately with this. Even the book I am currently reading is like this.) Anyway, I thought I wouldn’t like it and I almost put it down. I then thought about it and I wasn’t giving it a fair chance. So I carried on and I found myself enjoying the book. I was enjoying figuring out the mysteries before the characters did.

So, give it a chance, you will be surprised.



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