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Pale Moon Walking by Paula Altenburg

I received a free copy of this book from netgalley and lately my reads from there have not been great, this was the gift in the group.

Summary: Basically you have aliens, the wild west, a guy that the government has been experimenting on (with alien blood) and a chick sheriff. Yeah and a little chemistry to keep things interesting.  I know it sound awesome right? It was!

I’d like to point out that first this book is well written. You start to appreciate that when you get a couple of books in a row that aren’t. Second the concept, see above, was actually fulfilled. Sam, one of the main characters, was interesting and likable, plus the whole alien blood making him manifest his new talents was pretty cool. Then you have Libby, she does the whole tough girl stay away from us thing well, but I still liked her as well. Even though the aliens were called Sky People (yikes!) I found the story building rich and was caught up before I knew it.

A romance with a scifi twist, well worth the read, enjoy!

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