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Blood Dark by Lindsay J. Pryor

Vampires, Lycans, 4th dimension creatures, OH MY! Ok so this was a really good book. You have Powerful Vampires, Human police, love, sex, and action.

This book is about a cop Caitlin who is infatuated with a master vampire Kayne, who in turn wants to let her in but is suppose to be a loner. They had a whirlwind 2 weeks together, but now reality has come back to haunt them. She goes back to work with the police department which he hates, so there is issues with why she would do it. There are so many things that happen in this book, I couldn’t possibly go into them all.

I liked this book a lot. Sometimes the main characters Caitlin and Kane made me want to choke them for their stubbornness. Nevertheless I couldn’t put this book down.

So basically, this book will make you laugh, make you crazy, and make you sad. The characters are well developed and the story is told from different perspectives.

This is book #5. Even though I didn’t read the first four I was able to read this one with no problem knowing what was happening.

Check it out!



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