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Black Widow Forever Red by Margaret Stohl

Let me start by saying this book isn’t my usual genre, it is more Kar’s style than mine. However, that being said I told you guys that I read ANY book that catches my attention. Well this one caught it my attention.

I feel like I owe you guys a little background on me. I may be a nerd, but I do not read comic books. I am just not cool enough for that! So I knew nothing of the Avengers, or any other comic book people, with exception to Batman or Superman. Oh and Spiderman, but these only from TV. Any way Kar gave me a 1 1/2 hour lecture on who the Avengers are and all of their stories before dragging me to the most recent movie, which I owed her since I drug her to see 50 shades. HA! Poor Kar!

Ok so with the little knowledge I have I was interested in this book, which dun, dun, dun, has the Avengers in it. This is about the Black Widow Natasha, and two teenagers. It starts with action, then calms down, them throws you back into it full force. I also must say I have read Margaret Stohl before and love a lot of her stories. This one is no different. I loved it.

The main characters, are all different. Natasha is a secret agent for the S.H.I.E.L.D. government agency, and works with the avengers. She is hard and does what is necessary to survive and save the world.  She is also damaged as is Ava. Ava is a homeless teenager, who is bitter, lonely, and always looking over her shoulder. While Alex lives with his mom and is lively, but always getting into trouble, he likes to fight.

Ava’s dreams lead her into a world she thought she escaped, and all her bitterness to the front. Together they all must work together to fight the bad guys. But can they do it?

Well you will just have to read it to find out!

I love how it tells from each persons perspective and the interview parts with Natasha in between the chapters. She is kind of a smart ass.

I feel like I have been choosing great books lately, and I hope my luck holds. I really think Kar should read this one and tell you her thoughts.

Peace out


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