The Scorpion Rules by Erin Bow

This book is set hundreds of years in the future where AI’s dominate and human rulers give up they children as hostages to keep peace. I know it’s a short blurb but this book had so much potential, it was different and fascinating to me, so much so that I skipping it ahead in my TBR list so I could read it, only to be disappointed. Here is why.

You basically are following a girl Greta, one of the hostage children as she lives her obedient and annoying life. She’s just so boring! Surprise, I didn’t like her. Telling me she’s going to wake up and do something and her actually doing it, two different things. Sorry she just seemed so flat! By the time some action did occur I was going through the motions, no longer engaged in the story, Nothing about it really got interesting it just stayed bland for me. Even reviewing this book I feel kind of meh, like why bother.

Concept? Amazing. Executing? Terrible. I would not recommend this read.