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$25 Amazon Gift Certificate Ending Saturday Night

Almost there! We are picking our winner of the $25 Amazon gift certificate tonight (well midnight so technically tomorrow morning) so if you haven’t entered yet better hurry!!

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$25 Amazon Gift Card

Hey you! Guess what? We are giving away a $25 Amazon gift card. Why? Because we can, and we think our followers are awesome. Seriously, that’s it. Already a follower? Bam! You just have to put in your info and you’re gold. Want to be? I don’t blame you, hey a free gift card is a free gift card, just hit that little tab on the bottom right hand side of our screen that just won’t stop stalking you. Don’t see it? That’s okay we have a backup plan, there is another one on the right hand side of the webpage.

Since rafflecopter and wordpress free don’t like to play in the same sandbox I’m going to have to give you a link…free stuff people!