The Bourbon Kings

I feel like I have to start this rant with a disclaimer. I love JR Ward. We have been in a serious book relationship for quite some time. But here are the rules. She writes amazing PNR books and I read them. If she wants to write contemporary she can (hey she can do what she wants) but she has always written them under Jessica Bird, her real name. I accept this and avoid them. She broke the rule. I don’t know if it was a publishing issue, or honestly if she just didn’t care but she broke the rule. And what did I do? I read it! Why?? Because it said JR Ward on the cover. It’s like I couldn’t resist. I should have. I hated it. I felt like Dallas and Dynasty ran into Kentucky. Did everyone I know feel this way? No but they all love contemporary. I only blame myself. I knew this wasn’t my style, but somehow I clung to the conception that superior writing would prevail! Lesson learned.