One Word

Hello everyone. I have a crazy idea and could use some feedback. You see life has changed for me over the last year. I love books, have since I was young, so reviewing them has never been a chore. In fact when Les asked me if we would start this blog together we were both running companies on opposite sides of the USA and I never thought twice, a chance to talk more about books, no brainer. But last year one of my parents got sick with cancer, I moved in to help and then we lost them. I’m helping the other parent while still remotely running that business I spoke of. I tell you this, not to garner sympathy or make you uncomfortable but to help you understand my time restraints. Reading has not changed, Les and I laugh that we are getting too old for these all night reading marathons, yet they haven’t stopped. I still love books, I just can’t write reviews like I use to. So I had this crazy idea. Could I do one word reviews for all my books on Goodreads?

I know, it seems can one word ever explain a truly amazing book or a truly bad one? How do you convey the love of characters or the lack of plot line? Is there even a point in saying anything if you are just saying one thing?

One defense of this idea, and I do this many times and will continue to on the blog as long as I do normal reviews here, is that a lot of the reviews I read tend to be summaries or the blurb itself. Sometimes up to 75% of the review is not really a opinion but an outline of the book. Most anyone who is reading or looking at a review has already read the blurb that went with the book. I am talking about starting this on goodreads only first, where the blurb is literally right above the reviews. Second, I tend to get fatigued fast from reading too many reviews that are sooo long. If people go on, and on, and on, and on…my mind drifts and I don’t finish them! So having a quick catch word that sums it up could be interesting. Third, I don’t want to use the same word twice. I’m not going to go and put AMAZING on every good book and TERRIBLE on every bad on. And I’m going back and putting a word for all 900 books I have logged in Goodreads. That’s a lot of descriptive words I need to come up with.

Well…what do you think? Is this a terrible idea or something different? Let me know! I’m not sold either way so I really want to know how you feel..


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