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What are YOU reading?


Is it wrong that my dreams consist of planet size libraries? I would love an endless supply of books wouldn’t you? But really there are so many books out there today so it’s not finding a book but finding the RIGHT book. I always found January to February to be hard months in my favorite genres, for some reason all my authors love to publish around the same time. This year Patricia Briggs and Anne Bishop are again putting their books out on the same day! Why can’t we have spacing?!?! So I need some new discoveries, something to freshen my reading pallet as it is. So I ask you what are you reading? Or even better, what is your favorite book that you go back to over and over again when you just can’t find anything else?

Tell me your favorite book, books or series and it doesn’t have to be just one, I’ll take a list!

34 thoughts on “What are YOU reading?”

  1. I just finished “Hagseed” by Margaret Atwood and was pleasantly shocked again by how good she was and still is. An excellent plot, paralleling the Shakespeare play “Tempest”, with modern twist, and just enough mental distress and supernaturalism to keep you hooked. Highly recommended.

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  2. What’s your main genre, Karen? If you haven’t read Kresley Cole’s Arcana Chronicles, it is made of win. Mimi Jean Pamfiloff’s Accidentally Yours series is great (PNR). Elizabeth Hoyt’s Maiden Lane series is amazing, too. For contemporary romance, I just discovered Penny Reid’s Winston Brothers series (heck to the yes) but her Knitting in the City series is da bomb!

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      1. It’s the Burn for Me, White Hot, and Wildfire books (the last two are coming out this year) by Ilona Andrews. If you haven’t read Burn For Me, do it! It suppose to be Romance but it reads like an Urban Fantasy.

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      1. Les and I always go to RT as well! We missed last year because I had some personal issues but, fingers crossed, we are going to Atlanta this year! That’s the plan! It is happening!

        Yeah I really want us to go, I would be the only reason we would miss it again, but I really hope we don’t cause it has become a tradition for us and we love it.

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  3. Depending on what you like to read, I recommend C.S. Wilde for Paranormal Romance (an indie author I’m friends with, but I don’t read romance and I love her books). The series that I have read more times than I can count is the Belgariad by David Eddings, for some reason these stories absolutely draw me in. My other favorite series is the Space Opera books by Joshua Dalzelle (The Omega Force series). Dalzelle also has a more Hard-SciFi series too, which I think are probably his better writing, but near as fun as Omega Force.

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  4. All of the Tortilla books by Tamora Pierce. Especially The Immortals Quartet. They’re very sweet and uplifting and I give back to them again and again and again.
    The Women of the Otherworld series by Kelley Armstrong and the Jane Yellowrock series by Faith Hunter are also very, very good.
    There are so many more stacked haphazardly into my bookcase that are amazing…

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  5. My father scolded me once for my lack of ambition and told me I should get myself a dream this year. Honestly, my only dream is to have a library and I’m pretty much living it now ? I don’t have an actual library but I’d sooner have a library than ambition with the number of books I buy each month. I might buy the Riordan’s Heroes of Olympus series the next month, which is another addition to my ever growing dreaaamm

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  6. If you enjoy steamy vampire romances, Eileen Sheehan has got some good ones. I just finished reading her trilogy Vampire Witch, Vampire Queen, and Kings and Queens. Before that, I read “The Princess and the Vampire King.” Loved them all.

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