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Whiny main characters RANT

So, have you ever read a story where the main character is a girl who does nothing but whine? I know you have. Nothing gets on my nerves more than a main character talking about how they can take care of themselves, and then BAM they get into trouble and they are crying for help. Either stop talking crap about how brave and capable you are, or grow a pair and save yourself. Why do they make girls like this? Rarely do you read stories of guys like this. Don’t get me wrong I have found a few, but not as many. This by the way makes me even more angry. 

Ok rant over. Comment, and tell me what you think or if you think I am wrong. 


32 thoughts on “Whiny main characters RANT”

  1. Banished of Muirwood. THe main character is a useless girl who does nothing but complain and get rescued. A literal Damsel in Distress. Made me ANGRY.

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      1. Sergent Kerr from the Valor series by Tanya Huff. Karin Murphy from the Dresden Files. There are 2 badass ladies for ya!

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      1. Who me or you? I already suffered for it lol I read it. I OPENED THE BOOK I DIDNT LISTEN! YOU MUST NOT READ FROM THE BOOK!

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  2. Actually, I completely agree–I want to see strong women as leads. Whiny characters get on my nerves. That is why I love characters like Cat and Karin Murphy. Love them! They are strong, take no crap from anybody characters (can I say it that way?). Oh well, too late now! Karen and Les, if you want, I can do a rant on my love of ebooks and my absolute hatred of some problems in ebooks which is why I will always love my paper books the most! I can so do that!

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